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Friday, January 27, 2006

Phairing okay

Hello there-
so i set up this blog months ago, and this is only the second entry. I am surprised that they still had my file online. I had forgotten my password and everything. However, in the few short months that I have began this little project, i have found that my cousin Shaunna and her hubby Levi and their little one have a very nice blog set up as well as Uncle John and the Knechtions see link. No pics have yet yo be posted, but I do have some. We'll see what we can get up there. I also have a website that will likely cease to exist in a few weeks, due to the fact that i can't afford a hundred dollars a year, but i may have to, in order to keep my iMac and my iBook in sync. So many choices, so little time and money.