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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Double take...Happy Birthday

Hello all-
I told you I would soon post. I have been informed that there is another one of me out there. Yes, contrary to popular belief and to confirm everyone's worst nightmare there is someone out there (in Chicago i'm told) that has my namesake. I have looked into this confirmed the fact. But do not worry, this Colin is much more adorable, and I am sure more fun to be around.
My Uncle John (see Knechtion's Blog Spot) was in Chicago on business last week and whilst chatting with a co-worker found out that his coworker has a son named Colin. Now, what makes this even better is that Colin has Cystic Fibrosis (CF). For those that don't know, I am named Colin and I also have CF. Now if that wasn't enough, Colin (the younger) is a twin, I also am a twin, it is yet to be confirmed if Colin Walsh's twin is male, and has CF, and which twin Colin is. For the record I am twin B and my twin is male with no CF. Judging by Colin's website his twin is Female with no CF. So we pretty much have everything in common.
Ironic as it may seem it gets better, our birthday's are only 7 days apart (not to mention 20 years difference). So Colin Walsh- HAPPY BIRTHDAY (tomorrow). I thought that this was pretty cool. I hope that The Walsh's do not mind, but i stole the picture of Colin from his website to post it here. For full disclosure and to learn more about Colin Walsh visit and to learn more about CF. Visit Here is the pic of the cute kid...

Update, a bit late

Hello all-
It has been only a few months since i have updated. I guess that happens when all one does is spend time with the fiance. However, in my defense i have been studying for finals, so that must count for something.
Just so everyone knows the plans are coming along great for the wedding June 24th. Exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. Mandy's mother was remarried a couple weeks ago. That has been fun, not really. For the record, we were engaged first and had plans made before they (Sal and Joanne) decided to wed. I am doing well. Check up at the doctor revealed that I am doing great and could use a little more exercise. Can't we all. Well for now, I must be going, I am at work and apparently they don't pay me to sit around on the internet all day, if only i'd have know that before I accepted the position. I will post again soon, promise.