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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Colin and his twin Spencer!!!

Colin is 25!!! I thought I would tell you 25 things you may or may not know about him.
1. loves watching the Jazz (more like obsessed)
2. can eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting
3. is also known as Coli-wogs, Coli, Col or Niloc
4. tears up when he hears Cats Stevens - The Cats in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon
5. stayed up late the other night to watch ABC Family's premiere of Princess with me
6. is the hardest worker I know
7. always does what he says he will do
8. goes through a gallon of milk in 3 days
9. can fall asleep anywhere, in any position, usually it is on the couch with a remote control in his hand
10. makes the best No-Bake Cookies I've ever tasted
11. would do anything for anyone
12. acts like he is not listening then repeats verbatim what you said up to several weeks later

13. loves when Tari & Mindy come over for Cookie Night and Domino's
14. is happiest when his back, arm or head is being tickled
15. is currently addicted to playing golf on the Wii and beating his past scores
16. loves his family with all of his heart
17. is so diligent about doing his treatments everyday, which I am so grateful for
18. endured a Swing dance class for me (1 down 3 to go!)
19. absolutely loves seafood
20. will splurge if he finds a cool hat
21. secretly wants to work for the CIA and be a sniper, if his wife would only let him!
22. loves the band Delirious
23. has a scar on his lip from when a dog bit him as a little boy
24. solves all of my computer, t.v., and school work problems
25. makes me laugh everyday

Happy Birthday Colin! I love you! Thank you for being the sweetest, most loyal, caring husband!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How NOT to ruin your husband's birthday surprises!

Here are some quick and simple tips how NOT to keep a birthday surprise secret until your husband's birthday!

Tip#1 - Don't buy him 2 packs of DVD R- from Target a month before his birthday, keep them hidden in the closet and then in desperation when you need to burn something onto a DVD for a class project the next day and he thinks that there are no blank DVD's, confess that you bought him some for his birthday and pull them out of the closet so you can finish your project!!!!
Tip #2 - Don't try to buy him a French Cuff link shirt but remember him saying something a while ago how he wants a new size shirt compared to the ones that are already in his closet then have to try to ask him casually what size shirt he would wear if he were to get one. Busted! There is no other time of the year except his birthday (maybe Christmas) that I would even care what size French Cuff link shirt he wears and he knows that!
Tip #3 - Don't search for James Taylor concert tickets on the internet and forget to clear the history!
Tip # 4 - Don't leave a post-it note by the computer that has an itemized list of your husband's presents and the estimated cost. For example : James Taylor - $$ , Clothes - $$, new LCD 42" $$$$, new macbook $$$$, season tickets to Jazz $$$$ etc. (the last 3 Colin wishes was on my post-it note)
Tip #5- Don't start crying when your husband sees the list from #4 and remembers what he saw from #3 and puts it all together, 2 WEEKS before his birthday!!!!

I am so sorry Colin that I failed miserably at keeping everything a surprise for you. But at least you don't know what I have planned on your actual birthday!!! Hopefully you will be surprised a little bit.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Noey's Day Out

(This happened a few weeks ago I just haven't gotten around to blogging about it until now)
For Noey's birthday Kacy and I thought it would be really fun to take her to see Disney Princesses on Ice. The show was so cute and featured all of our favorite princesses and classic Disney songs. Kacy and I were singing along the whole time, the people around us probably hated us, jk! Although Noey had fun I think Kacy and I were more excited to be there than anyone. During the show I looked over at Kacy and she was just beaming with delight and I started to laugh because I knew I had the same look on my face. No matter how old you are Disney makes you so happy! After the show we went to Einstein's Bagel for lunch and then went up to the hospital to visit Colin.
Noey's favorite princess is Belle, Kacy's is Aerial and mine is Cinderella.