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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Moving in...

It is nice to know that some people actually read this blog. Thanks for the shout out Shauna. No worries about flying out here, Your mom and dad are coming, they can represent.

After a nice long week of finals school comes to a close for the summer. Despite the fact that i got engaged and sick this semester things didn't end too badly. Only one class will need a retake. Organic Chemistry, man does that class work you. That is of course, if you do the work. After finals were over Mom, Mandy and I took a little trip to California. We went there for a shower for Mandy, that being where she is from and all. I didn't get any pictures, she was suppose to take them, but didn't. So that is why there is none. We had a blast. Her friends there are wonderful people, very loving and generous.
We got back in town and then this weekend we have spent moving Mandy into her new place. We are pretty stoked about it. Thanks to the 70'S bed frame from John and Cina, we are rocking the party. I have pictures, but forgot my camera to upload them, so I will soon. The bed is huge, Mandy has to run and jump to get up on it, we may need to find a step ladder. Granted we could take out the box spring, but where is the fun in that?
The place is nice, two bedroom and 1 bath/shower, it is small but it is cozy. We couldn't be happier, and considering that the rent is dirt cheap, we aren't complaining. I will go ahead and post pictures when i get the camera attached to the computer and let you all see how it is looking.