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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eliza's blessing: Part II

Grandma Thomas made Eliza's blessing dress. She worked so hard on it and it is perfection. It will be a legacy Eliza can pass on. I had to take some pictures so all could see how beautiful it is! My baby is adorable!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eliza's blessing: Part I

On Sunday, April 11th, Eliza was blessed in church by her daddy. Colin's wonderful parents and brother spent their Saturday at our house helping us get everything in order for the brunch for family after the blessing. They were truley amazing to help us and we couldn't have gotten everything done in-time without their help, especially since it was my 1st night back to work.
We had so many of our family attend church for the blessing, it was so wonderful to have their support. Colin gave a beautiful blessing! After church we had a great brunch at our house. Eliza's Grandma Thomas made her the MOST stunning blessing dress. It was amazing!

great-grandpa Bill

great-grandma HG
grandma Thomas
grandpa Atkin & auntie Kac
grandpa & grandma Thomasauntie Kac
sleepy baby
mommy loves her baby

Monday, April 12, 2010

2 months old - she loves to smile, she really is a happy girl (unless she is hungry or tired and then she gets cranky like her mama does when she is hungry or tired)

Eliza's 1st Easter - We stayed home (mom & dad in jammies, at least we got Eliza dressed). We watched conference, made a great breakfast in the morning and a nice dinner later in the evening. The easter bunny visited Eliza on "Easter basket day", a tradition the Thomas family has.

1st Easter Basket Day- The easter bunny brought Eliza her 1st easter basket with a soft doll in it.

Other pictures I love. Her face is so cute in these pictures!


Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Happiness is...

*cradling my sweet baby in my arms
*wiping little tears off of my baby's chubby, adorable cheeks
*looking around my house and seeing the swing, the bouncer, the boppy, the stroller, the car seat, Eliza's purple bow on the kitchen table, the burp rag on the floor
*being in jammies
*the smell of oat bran muffins cooking in the oven
*cuddling with my hubby after our little girl goes to sleep

This is a snapshot of my evening, I'm loving it!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

March in review

*Colin SHAVED! After a 1 1/2 year, can you believe it? He is so handsome, I forgot what he looked like without a beard.


*Colin had to go to the hospital for 15 days. :( This was a trial for us especially with a new baby. We visited him about every other day so as to not throw Eliza's schedule and routine too out of whack. That was a lonely 2 weeks for Colin & I but he is home now, healthy and strong.

*Eliza began wearing a pavlik harness to treat her hip dysplasia at 3 weeks old. She has tolerated it just fine. After wearing it for 4 weeks we went to the dr for an ultrasound and our prayers were heard because her right hip was completely healed and her left hip was almost healed, which meant no surgery and cast for our baby. Just a few more weeks of the harness and she won't need to wear it anymore or worry about having hip problems when she is older.

*Our baby girl has begun smiling more and more, loves patty-cake and being sung to, has begun cooing (its so sweet), doesn't really like tummy-time but holds her head up a lot when being held, has gotten breastfeeding down from 30 - 40 minutes to 20 minutes, has begun sleeping 6 - 7 hours through the night (yeah for us), loves walks in the stroller, falls right asleep in car rides, tolerates mommy playing dress-up and putting bows and clips in her hair (what little of it she has) and biggest and cutest accomplishment of all - FOUND HER THUMB! I walked into her nursery to check on her and there she was sucking her thumb! I thought she was too little for that but I guess not. Its so cute!

*Colin & I are loving parenthood and we are getting settled into our new life style a little bit more everyday. Eliza is such a happy girl and brings so much love and joy to our home.