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Sunday, June 28, 2009

our 3rd anniversary

Colin & I celebrated our 3 year anniversary this weekend. I took Colin to the Zermatt Resort in Midway Saturday night. We forgot our camera at home so no pictures sadly. We brought games, swam, had a picnic dinner on the grass while watching Sound of Music which was really fun. On Sunday morning we slept in, took our sweet time getting ready and went to their Sunday brunch which left us both never wanting to look at food again because we ate so much. It was a great brunch, well worth it at least once.

I love my husband and am so grateful for him. He works so hard, perseveres through so much, is kind, compassionate, fun and perfect for me! I look forward to the adventures the next year brings, especially as we become parents.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What's round, sparkly, sliver, priceless, lost then found? My wedding ring. We are not supposed to wear our wedding rings to work so usually I just leave it at home. But the other night I forgot to do that and so when I got to work I placed them in my scrub pocket along with my car keys. I kept thinking I should get a safety pin and put my rings on it but never did.

As I left work I took my car keys out of my pocket while walking down the stairwell of the hospital to my car. My diamond ring came out with the car keys and fell on the stairs, I didn't notice. Infact I was 10 mintues from home (I live 45 minutes away and just got off a night shift) when I realized I only had my wedding band not the diamond. I turned around and speed back to the hospital so I could search for it. Meanwhile my gas tank was empty and I was so lucky my car didn't run out of gas on me. Praying like crazy I searched everywhere for my wedding ring 3, 4 and 5 times. Everyone on my unit was helping me search as well.

When it didn't show up I got a hold of Colin and started bawling " I am so sorry, I lost my wedding ring". He was really sweet about it. Colin had the foresight 3 years ago to get my ring insured but even though I could get another diamond it wasn't MY wedding ring, the wedding ring he gave me when he proposed and the one gave me the day we were sealed in the temple. It wasn't the same ring he paid for and picked out himself before he proposed. The ring I have been wearing these 3 years.

So as I was just getting in my car to head home my work called and said they think they found it. I ran up and sure enough there was my ring! A respiratory therapists saw it on the stairwell and brought it to my unit! I went and thanked her, would have given her a huge hug but since she was a stranger and all... I was so grateful for her honesty! Also so grateful for an answered prayer. My ring is back where it belongs, on my finger never to be thrown in my pocket again.