Colin, Mandy, and Eliza

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Eliza goes to Paris!

Last week Eliza was kind enough to bring Colin and I with her to visit her auntie in Paris. My sister has been living in Paris as a live-in nanny for a very adorable French family for the last 6 months. I have always wanted to go to Paris but never had a good enough reason until now. Paris is a BEAUTIFUL city. I love the architecture of all the buildings, everything was green and in bloom, there were so many parks and adorable cafes and bakeries everywhere. We also were lucky enough to have the most perfect the weather the whole week. The only negative thing I can say is I hate that everyone smokes (disgusting) and hated the public transportation. But otherwise I love Paris, especially in the spring. I am not a city girl but if I were to live in a city it would be Paris for sure!

Day 1 - got to Paris and slept the rest of the day

Day 2 - got to our villa in the french countryside of Paris, slept

Day 3 - walked through Paris; Jewish district and other parts, not quite sure what else, Eliza had some amazing gelatto and her 1st carousel ride which she loved and was waving to everyone the whole time, bought lots of food from the bakeries and ate it at the Tuileree

Day 4 - Effiel tower and Sienne riverboat tour

Day 5 - rested at the hotel, swam, played, slept

Day 6 - open air market, Chaps Elysse, Lauderee, Arc de Triumph

Day 7 - open market where we ate the best moraccan food, the Sac de Cur where we met John Kerry of all people, walked the cobblestones streets of Montmarte and got fresh crepes from the street cafe, the Lourve

Day 8 - rested at the hotel, feed the ducks, played in the park and gardens, took a walk in the village

Day 9 - flew ALL day, so happy to be home

We had a FABULOUS time and were so happy for the chance to go. I hope to go back one day but next vacation will be on a beach somewhere were we can actually relax! haha

Monday, March 07, 2011

1 year old

Our little Eliza-bear turned 1 year old last month. Birthdays have never had more meaning to me than hers because we were truly celebrating her life and the sweet, beautiful person that she is. I can't believe 1 year ago I gave birth to her. We had a fun family/friends birthday party on her actual birthday. I worked hard on her little party but every minute of it was so fun and worth it to me because it was my way of showing that I celebrate her and am so grateful for her life.
We had our family over for dinner and then had our friends and neighbors stop in for dessert, milk and cookies. Eliza had so much fun playing with the other little kids, she is quite social. She is not shy to give out hugs and will poke and step all over anyone too. We made her, her very own mini 3-tiered pinkALICIOUS cake and she loved it, especially the frosting. I thought she would devour the cake but instead she was so dainty and took her time eating a little bit at time.


The day before her 1st birthday she actually walked, like 5 or 6 steps at a time. That was exciting for us. It was only a matter of time after that she began to walk everywhere. No more crab crawl, she wants to walk and sometime even run everywhere. It is so cute. She is such a petite little thing that it seems so weird to see her walking but she loves it and is really good at getting around.

We took her swimming for the first time, in the middle of the winter, to an indoor pool in Kamas, UT. She loved being in the water with her daddy and cousins.

She is very helpful around the house and we have needed to quickly install locks on all of the cupboard doors.

this is my favorite outfit, her little kitty hat and pink fleece vest with her silver ballet flats, SO CUTE!

dad's hat, mom's pearls and blush brush