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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Halloween Party

Kacy had a halloween party complete with making our own carmel apples, playing games, carving pumpkins and costumes. Kacy was a housewife from the 50's, Colin was the Grim Reaper, I was a mime. Colin and I were very proud to present our version of indoor smores. We melted butter on the bottom of a pyrex dish then layered choc. covered grahm crackers on the bottom. We finished it off with mini marshmellows, choc. chips and some more crushed grahms. We baked it for 20 minutes and it turned out so yummy. You should try it! Here are some picutres from the festivites.

This has been a busy fall semester for Colin and I and we are counting down until Christmas break in 6 weeks! Here is what has been going on in our lives:

On September 26, 2007 Colin's grandma passed away at 89 years old, Blanche Thomas. We moved in with her in June to help take care of her in exchange for living free of cost in her home. After 4 months of getting to know her we were saddened by her passing but are very grateful for her life and our knowledge of the plan of salvation that we will see her again. Colin and I have grown as individuals and as a couple through the experience of living with grandma and are grateful for our time with her. Currently we are still in living in her home and will stay here until the house sells which could be as soon as December. After the house sells we are planning on moving in with my dad and sister in Sandy until May so we can continue to save money.

Colin graduates in 6 weeks with his BS degree in Exercise and Sport Science! He has worked very hard this semester with school and work. He got promoted to a supervisor at the Huntsman Caner Hospital in August and has put 40 + hours a week at work in addition to his full time school schedule. I am very grateful to him for working so hard so that I can focus on nursing school without worrying working as much as I used to. Needless to say he is looking forward to graduation so for the next few months he'll only have to work and not worry about tests, assignments, due dates etc.

We are anxiously waiting to hear back from the U of U and U of New England PA programs that Colin has applied for to determine where we will be next year. We will be called as early as December for interviews. It is hard to have no access to the knowledge of what direction your life will lead while waiting to hear back from schools. So we continue to wait...

We went to St. George over fall break with Colin's family in October. It was a blast and so relaxing. Our condo was great complete with its own jacuzzi on the balcony. I read Eclipse, exercised, slept, it was fabulous! We played tennis, went on a hike at Zion's Park, went to see My Fair Lady in the outdoor theater against the red rocks, we went to the St. George temple and went out for dinner and ice cream! It was a great trip.