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Saturday, July 21, 2007

THe Harry Potter craze

So apparently Harry Potter is all the rage this weekend, that and the fact that Scott Baio is 45...and single. (

So I will not elaborate on Harry Potter and the new book, rather direct you to Mindy's blog that has done a good job of that, so go here....she has quite the following it appears (

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Late Graduation Pictures....

So I know that I was suppose to email you these pics from when we celebrating Em's and Mandy's Graduations, but now you can just copy them off of here, however I would still love to email them to you if desired. Let me know.

All of us

Tari and Mindy

Mel and Chris

Greg and Tersea-Our Parental Escorts for the evening

Emily and Aaron- Who claimed no need for Parental escorts

Colin and Mandy-Who needed the parental escots


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

So it has been exactly 2 months since the last post and I am sure those who read this will be excited to know that there is something new for you. Due to the prodding of others (Tari, Mindy, Emily and my wife to mention names), and fearing my very life if an update was not soon made, I now find it expedient to post something new, so a quick recap. It was one year and ten days ago that we had our 1 year anniversary. We wish that we could have done something spectacular, but since Mandy is in the middle of 16 credit hours of Nursing school and we just got back from a cruise a couple months ago, we decided to just go up past Heber and spend the night. No pictures, sorry. I brought the camera, but left the battery charging at bad. While Mandy is busy with school work I have been helping Grandpa do some work around the house. This last week we finished the first coat of paint of the west side of the house. I am also digitizing some of Grandpa's works, for the easy and benefit of his posterity.

Other than that there is a ton of other things that are new. We got all moved into Grandma Blanche's home and that is going well. It is nice for us since it is close to campus and work; gives Mandy somone else besides me to practice her new nursing skills on and gives Grandma company. Last week we had Jane's kids and grandkids over, some of them anyway. Of course, I am now the favorite second cousin of Natalie, Steele, Vivian, and Tommy because I have the cool Marble game on my computer. I had them entranced with it as you can clearly see.

Additionally, Mandy and I have decided that we need to be more of the outdoor type and do we are gearing up for our first camping trip in August when we are out of classesfor a couple of weeks. I have also taken up biking to work, since I have driven our Volvo maybe 5 times since Mandy started school. I just got the bike all fixed up with the help of a coworker and Thursday the 5th will be the inital bike ride to work. I'm optimistic, but will stay along the bus route just in case :)

I plan to post pics and video from the cruise when I get on the iMac at home. I need to transfer the video to the iMac first, but it will happen. So here are some pictures of the family fun last sunday, as well as some of Reid's high school graduation in May.